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Stellate Ganglion Block Specialist

Douglas Maxey, MD -  - Pain Management Physician

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Douglas Maxey, MD

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Stellate Ganglion Block

A stellate ganglion block is an x-ray or ultrasound-guided injection performed to treat a variety of conditions.  It is commonly used to treat complex regional pain syndrome.  It has also been shown to provide symptomatic relief in the treatment of PTSD.  More recently, stellate ganglion blocks have allowed recovery of COVID-19 induced anosmia and parosmia, or smell deficiencies.  The lack of smell can be disturbing to some people because it alters taste sensation and makes previously enjoyable foods and beverages unpleasant to consume.  The sense of smell is closely tied to the autonomic nervous system which includes both sympathetic and parasympathetic branches.  The stellate ganglion is a nerve bundle that regulates the sympathetic nervous system.  Blocking this ganglion effectively “resets” the nervous system to having a normal balance thus restoring smell function (olfaction).

If you are having difficulty with smell or taste after having a COVID-19 infection, please contact Allay Spine and Pain Management to see if a stellate ganglion block is right for you.

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